Saturday, October 21, 2017

Fall Mornings

Fall leaves are turning and our weather is getting cold.  It just makes me want to hang on to every bit of the out-of-doors I can.  I've been camping a few days a week for awhile now....trying to grab it all.  Off again next week for four more days.  And then Ms. Magnolia will be off for the winter at White Bird, Idaho.

I am trying to rework my blog, so hopefully I can make some positive changes soon.  I am using my iphone for a camera and still haven't been able to downloaded all the pictures.  And I want an Apple computer? Hummm...let me think on that.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Super Simple Sunday....Almost

This started out as a Super Simple Sunday post but I remembered I had to repair my Bargman lock on my 1969 Shasta, so she could get into storage today.  I haven't been able to lock it all the time since last Spring.  And on my last trip out about two weeks ago, I wasn't able to lock her at all!  

Last time I had a problem with it a few years ago, I couldn't unlock it.  I took it all apart with instructions from youtube and successfully repaired it.  Bent shaft, cheap pot metal.  This time I started there and ended up finding a post  that had lots of pictures of the guts so I could check everything out carefully.  

It came down to a little ball bearing that was missing....can you believe that?  And it was a total of 20 cents for the part!  She works great now.  I am so thrilled I didn't have to try and find another one, last time I looked they were selling for over $400!  Mine isn't all shiny and new but she's been siliconed and is working great.  

Ran out of time to get her to storage but she's ready now and headed there tomorrow....guess this could have been considered as a super simple job...on a Sunday.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Vintage Bath

When I moved into this old house (hee,hee), some 20 years ago, there was a tub on the floor surrounded by wood and low and behold, it was a claw foot tub.  I found the feet in the basement (thanks so much for saving them!).  I had the tub refinished and remodeled the rest of the small bath, by adding an opening onto the part of the back porch, where I put my washer and dryer.  They didn't look very good in the kitchen!  

This house is 111 years old and this bathroom didn't exist when it was built.  I'm sure they used an old  outhouse back in the day.  I tried to keep to the old fashioned look so I added a pedestal sink with old style faucet handles.

I found newspapers from the 30's in the walls, used as insulation.  

I found a couple of old unusual windows at Habitat For Humanity and put some spray-painted old drawer pulls on for a little bling.  

I added the other window in the laundry room to hold my jewelry....needless to say this is a lot fuller now.

I loved that someone frosted the windows.

So glad these are out of the kitchen.  I did this remodel in about 2002 but I've done some fluffing since.

I took the door from the office as it was just what I wanted for the bath.  Couldn't find another one just like it.

See you again later with another bath redo.  Have a great Sunday.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Lazy Days of Autumn?

The heat has been oppressive this summer and the skies smokey.  At least the heat is gone now.  School kids are busy hitting the classrooms and the farmers are working hard bringing in their yields.  The camping season is starting to draw down.  

Or is it?  I for one, plan to camp late into the year.  State Parks in Washington offer a off season camping senior pass for $75, wherein you can camp free or for a nominal fee of $10 per day (for power) from October through March 31 and Sundays-Thursdays in April.  Minimum age, 62.  What a deal!  This will be the first year for me....not that I am 62 (the minimum age)!!!  That's almost a decade out of range!

Sign up for these passes is open October 1.  Join me in the a river.....or a lake....under the starry sky.....

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Super Simple Sundays

It's been a blazing hot summer so I thought you might appreciate some added color in this photo...  The smoke has finally cleared after many weeks of smoky skies.  What a relief.

Sorry, I have been so remiss in posting but I am well and doing lots of camping.  Off with my daughter and Grands again tomorrow, so maybe I will get cracking and post some pictures for you later this week.

Hope you are having a great weekend with clear skies.